Renata Francisco

Delivery Consultant – Building Services and Structural Engineering Consultancy

Renata works as a Delivery consultant here at Vertical and works very closely with our Director James Smith by helping him source candidates in the busy building services sector. Renata assists permanent and contract candidates in positions such as, Mechanical and Electrical engineers, Structural engineers and Structural technicians etc.

Renata joined Vertical in late 2017 and has gone from strength to strength in her role due to her enthusiastic nature and attention to detail.

Another dynamic Renata brings to the team is her ability to speak Portuguese fluently, a skill unmatched by her colleagues.

Outside of work Renata is very active and loves to travel, hike and scuba dive.

Why do you like working at Vertical?

“I love the professional environment that Vertical has created and I have never worked for a company that put so much trust in me and yet offers such a relaxed environment. You’re left to get on with your job and I also really like the sector and quality of clients and vacancies.”

What makes a good Recruiter?

“Someone who knows their market and candidates well. Understands the job that’s needed to be filled. Knows what to look for. Selective in their candidates to make sure they don’t bombard clients with irrelevant applicants.”