Property & Development

Vertical Recruitment’s Property & Development team recruits into roles spanning the full life cycle of development, from the initial building survey stage all the way through design and delivery, to final occupation.

We have a wide range of different clients in this area, including:.

  • Building consultancies
  • Commercial real estate agents
  • End-users and occupiers
  • Private developers

The team is headed by James Adamson, founder and Director of Vertical Recruitment, and benefits from more than 20 years’ experience recruiting property professionals at all levels.

Experts in Property & Development Recruitment

We are renowned in the North West and nationwide across the UK as construction industry recruitment experts, and we work with some of the biggest national and multinational brands.

Vertical Recruitment can fulfil temporary, permanent and contractor roles. Over the years, our strong track record has included placing candidates on some of the most high-profile public sector and commercial projects in Liverpool, Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire.

By calling on Vertical Recruitment when you need to fill a vacancy, you benefit from our close collaboration with candidates, client consultancy services, salary insights, executive search and our exclusive Retainer service for ongoing recruitment campaigns.

We are proud of our team’s experience and proven track record recruiting into property & development roles at all levels, from university leavers and newly qualified vocational learners, to management-level and boardroom roles.

The 2019 Vertical Salary Review, conducted in association with Place North West, found a skills shortage is the biggest challenge facing the development segment. Job satisfaction is high in the discipline – 68% of respondents said they were satisfied or very satisfied with their role – which can make it more challenging to attract talented individuals who are already in employment.

Average salaries in development roles stood at over £56,000, up 9% over the previous year. James Adamson said: “Planning and development recruitment in particular has been notably busy over the last 12 months… I suspect these are major growth areas for the industry and expect to see the increase in salaries and bonuses to continue.”

We conduct this widely respected survey in part to identify where value can be found in the industry and in the available talent pool, and to pass that insight on to our clients in the form of the best possible candidate shortlists.

Who Do We Work With?

We work with household names and independent SMEs throughout the North West and UK Property & Development segment. Many of our clients are national and multinational brands, or multidisciplinary agencies recruiting into permanent, temporary and contractor roles.

Vertical Recruitment are based in the North West and are proud to support the region’s thriving construction and property sector. We provide recruitment services nationwide, but many of our clients can be found in Cheshire, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside and the surrounding area.