Traffic & Development Manager job vacancy in North London

Posted on: 22/04/2020
Ref: VAC-16453
  • Salary: £55,000
  • Region: London
  • Location: North London
  • Industry:
  • Discipline:
  • Sub Discipline:
  • Employment Type: Permanent

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Job Description

Traffic and Development Manager

The Client

One of the UK’s largest multifaceted consultancies, delivering property and infrastructure projects on a local, national and international scale. They have over 4,000 employees at 50 offices in the UK and internationally, offering a vast range of professional and technical expertise across an unrivalled number of services. The breadth and depth of company experience ensures that they are able to add value to any project, regardless of its size, complexity or sector.
Doing much more than simply delivering projects; they design, manage and partner. Focusing on building strategic relationships with clients – delivering a comprehensive service across their portfolio and optimising the benefits of continuous improvement in design quality, efficiency, cost reduction and knowledge retention. Supporting them at all stages of a project or programme, understanding of the key risks and challenges means that effort is directed where it is most needed.
Job Description

o To lead and manage a team responsible for the delivery of an effective and efficient Traffic and Development Section.
o To lead and direct the work of the team to ensure the statutory responsibilities of the Council are performed in a co-ordinated and customer focused way that reflects the Council’s corporate objectives and achieves published policies, programmes, objectives and performance targets.
o To ensure close working between your team and colleagues in the Highways Group to ensure consistent advice and application of best practice across teams.
o To ensure effective liaison and close working between your team and the Planning, Housing and Regeneration Department as a whole, to ensure new development will achieve high standards of safety and amenity.
o To ensure efficient and effective performance of the highways development control functions, reviewing regularly and making necessary recommendation for change.
o To initiate and develop systems for processing agreements for new estate road adoption and works in the highway associated with the new development.
o To negotiate monitor and manage income due from S106, S38 and S278 agreements and expenditure.
o To assist the Highways Manager, Traffic and Development in providing advice to Cabinet and Committee on highway and development control issues.
o To manage the allocated budgets within the service area and ensure that resources are well monitored and controlled so that resources are deployed to best effect and provide value for money.
o To ensure the cost effective and efficient procurement and provision of professional services relating to traffic and development control including parking and regeneration from internal and external providers.

” To be pro-active in seeking out and promoting new initiatives / policies/ work programmes and systems which raise the quality and performance and value for money of the service and customer satisfaction.
” Manage the activities of the Traffic and Development Team to ensure optimum levels of effective and efficient work output in line with agreed targets, priorities and the Corporate Plan.
” To act as lead officer in providing technical & highway planning advice to Members and Senior Officers in all highways related development control activities including planning and regeneration of the Council.
” Provide expert advise on all aspects of design, supervision and project management as it applies to highway and parking improvements projects and to have the ability to represent the Service both within and outside the Authority.
” To manage the delivery of comprehensive works programmes including planned maintenance and works on the Highway infrastructure.
” To manage developer negotiations through the development control process to secure outcome based travel plans which reduce the need for additional car borne trips and establish more sustainable travel patterns.
” To manage the delivery of Road Safety Education and School Travel Planning.
” Lead in establishing standards that ensure that the Traffic and Development Team is organised to deliver Council Policy in the most effective and efficient way possible.
” To manage staff and work load effectively to ensure that projects undertaken within the Traffic and Development Team meet client/customer expectations. This will involve human resource planning, programming, monitoring of progress and financial monitoring from project inception to completion.
” To have supervisory responsibility for up to 20 staff of various professional and technical disciplines.
” To assist the Council’s Traffic Manager as defined in the Traffic Management Act 2004 to diligently execute the related duties to ensure that the highway network operates at maximum capacity.
” To assist the Highway Manager, Traffic and Development in reporting to management and relevant committee’s on all policies and practices relating to works on the highway network.
” To lead in the effective and efficient execution of projects, schemes, investigations and analysis as required within budgets and programmes by leading and managing the section allocated and to deputise for the Highway Manager, Traffic and Development in these specific work areas in his / her absence.
” To assist the Highway Manager, Traffic and Development in ensuring that the needs of customers and users of the public highway network in Barnet are met where the Council is responsible, justified and appropriate action is taken to establish and understand these needs and feedback is given.
To recruit, manage, motivate and develop employees in the service area, ensuring their health, safety and well-being at work, in order to ensure all aspects of service delivery are provided to the highest possible standard.

For more information or to apply to this role, please contact Doug Smith of Vertical Recruitment on 0161 669 4716 or email

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