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The Water Operations Manager is responsible for overseeing the safe, compliant, efficient and maintenance of clean water assets for the Northern Region. The role will be required to take responsibility and accountability for both preventative and reactive maintenance needs, ensuring that standards of service are maintained aligned with business and Regulatory requirements and Water Licenced obligations. This position shall ensure that all Third Party clean water connection requests are managed to ensure the asset design & performance integrity is maintained and that statutory obligations of new connection provision are met by. The Water Operation Manager North shall produce regular business reports that are able to demonstrate the Operational Performance, Ongoing Maintenance position and Regulatory and Licence compliance of the clean water assets in the Northern Region to the Head of Asset Management.

The Water Operations Manager North will also provide support to the Waste Water Operations Manager helping monitor and review schemes in the Northern region. This will be to provide an on – site presence to assist the S104 adoption processes and procedures as necessary.


To fully understand how each of the water networks operate from point of connection to end user

Be responsible for the integrity of the asset information that the company hold for clean water assets in the North region

Monitor and manage the mapping of networks process ensuring that the “as built” drawings of the clean water assets are acceptable and correct

Ensure that Emergency Response & Contingency and plans are in place for all Clean water sites within the Northern region.

Ensure that Security and Emergency Measures Directive is complied to for all clean water assets in the Northern Region.
Take part in the out of hours emergency cover.
Organise & Execute one emergency exercise per annum for the Northern region

Ensure that the Fire Service Authority requirements are met for both the initial design and handover of the asset.

Maintain the necessary Fire Service Authority sign off and necessary maintenance for the enduring lifecycle of the assets within the region.
Monitor the illegal use of water on sites
Manage the standpipe licence process for developers
Manage any report of low, high or no water pressure on networks

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Assisting with the delivery team with site co-ordination meetings with developers

Provide support to the Head of Asset Management on all Water Asset Operations (North) activities & enquiries

Ensure proposed designs for clean water assets are fit for purpose, commenting upon proposed design along with proposed actions required to meet Operational and Regulatory standards as necessary

Ensuring that business processes covering contractor activities are in place and complied with

Ensuring that all materials that are used are of acceptable industry standard also identifying any new and improved products that will give us efficiencies and greater performance in our networks

Working with the Project Delivery team, ensure that new assets are handed over with all relevant records, agreements and contracts in place

Work with the Project Delivery team, to ensure that site inspections / audits and contractor checks are in place, and that Assets are installed to specification / fit for purpose

Work with the Water Operations Manager in the Southern region to ensure that common processes and procedures are in place across the UK for the Operations & Management of Utilities clean water assets.

Support the Waste Water Operations Manager to ensure that site inspections and contractor checks are carried out in accordance with the Water Act, the latest edition of Sewers for Adoption and LNWL requirements.

Act as the focal point for developers in respect of their proposed developments. Liaise with Waste Water Operations to confirm and relay advice on their drainage proposals and run through Utilities processes.

To advise the developer on legal and technical issues / queries for both clean & waste water assets within the Northern Region.


Experience of working in a Water Industry organisation, with specialised knowledge of water assets.
Good Knowledge of the general utility industry

Proven track record of the management of Water Utility Assets

Working familiarity with H&S management and audit

Understanding of regulatory standards applicable to the Water business and the processes required to be compliant with them

Good computer and reporting skills

Adaptability and an eagerness to learn and to be able to work to tight / urgent timeframes.


Key contacts will be:

External customers.

External contractors.

Internal customers across Shareholder Groups

Key customer representatives.

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