RICS APC Assessment complete…what next?


Last month saw the latest round of RICS APC Assessments take place, with over 700 surveying professionals achieving chartered status in the UK alone.

The APC assessment is intense and requires significant time and commitment, with up to two years of training, 100 CPD hours and the all-important final assessment. After all that, new RICS members could be forgiven for taking time out to enjoy their new status but what about those considering their next career move?

With the Property and Construction industries displaying strong signs of growth and a general feeling of optimism in the air, now feels like a good time to be newly Chartered. The RICS class of 2015 will have the opportunity to choose where they go from here, with more options available to them than their predecessors.

The option to build upon an existing role can be very attractive, particularly for those who have enjoyed the support and commitment of their employers during the APC process. For these, their new status presents the opportunity to reflect on their career pathway and to further promote their capability and competency within their organisation. The aspiration might be exposure to new, high profile clients and projects, internal promotion or perhaps the establishment and growth of a team. Whatever the next step, it’s important that their achievements are rewarded, recognised and maximised to bring benefits to them and their organisation.

For those considering a move, Chartered status is highly regarded within the industry and something which RICS suggests is in demand as clients look for greater certainty around professional standards and ethics. Coupled with the level of ambition, commitment and quality demonstrated by completing the APC assessment, these professionals will be very attractive to new employers. However, increased demand for surveyors means that employers need to be equally as attractive as we move towards a candidate driven market. Salary, benefit and opportunity expectations are on the up and must be met to recruit and retain this new wave of property professionals.

So, whether RICS’ 700+ new members decide to stay or move on, I hope each of them is rewarded for their hard work; and second RICS in wishing them a long and prosperous career.

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