Are you an experienced Fire Engineer seeking new opportunities within the UK’s leading agencies? If so, our team are eager to connect with you.

As a distinguished UK-based recruitment consultancy specialising in various sectors of the built environment, our Fire Engineering recruitment team adeptly match talented candidates to roles across all levels within the UK, US, Canada, Middel East, Australia, and New Zealand.

With offices in Manchester and London, Vertical Recruitment’s Fire Engineering team are well-positioned to assist you in securing any new roles as one of the UK’s leading specialist Fire Engineering agencies.

The demand for Fire Safety expertise has surged, particularly post-Grenfell. Stricter building safety regulations and safety standards now mandate comprehensive fire safety measures, indicating a more regulated expansion for the future of the industry.

To progress as a Fire Engineering candidate, a strong understanding of fire safety regulations and their practical applications is essential. Responsibilities for this position encompass designing and advising on fire safety measures for both new constructions and refurbished buildings, safeguarding life, property, and the environment from potential damage.

At Vertical Recruitment, we specialise in advising candidates within the fire engineering industry, unlocking their full potential within the UK and international consultancy markets. Here’s how we can support you:

At Vertical Recruitment, our focus is on empowering candidates like you to uncover the finest prospects within the UK’s dynamic construction market. Here’s how we can support you on this journey:


Personalised Career Consultation:
We specialise in tailored career consultations, understanding your skills, aspirations, and career goals to align them with fitting opportunities.

Access Exclusive Opportunities:
Benefit from our industry connections, gaining access to exclusive job openings tailored to your skill set for premium roles.

Industry Insights and Guidance:
Partnered with Place Northwest for a decade, providing comprehensive salary surveys, offering insights into Market trends, empowering informed career decisions.

Comprehensive Success Support:
Beyond placements, we offer ongoing support – interview preparation, skill enhancement, and career progression advice for your long-term success.

Dedicated Support Team:
Our recruitment professionals are dedicated to guiding and supporting you throughout your job search journey, ensuring personalised assistance at every stage.

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