Are you an experienced Architect looking for a new job opportunity? If so, we want to hear from you.

Our team of expert consultants match skilled professionals to the right vacancies on a range of exciting projects across the UK. We have placed Architects into positions in Education, Healthcare, Local Government, Regeneration and Social Housing projects.

With offices in Manchester and London, Vertical Recruitment is a leading pre-construction, design and Project management Recruitment consultancy. We have an extensive network of clients and an in-depth understanding of the national architecture job markets.

The UK’s construction Building Surveying sector stands as a cornerstone of innovation, shaping structures, and landscapes across the nation. As a candidate navigating this dynamic field, understanding the market’s nuances and finding the right role can be a challenging task. Our consultancy is here to guide and support you through this journey, empowering you to discover your ideal position.

The industry faces a multitude of challenges, from technological advancements to market complexities. Recent years have seen the aftermath of global events, including the pandemic, geopolitical shifts, and economic fluctuations. These factors have led to increased project complexities, material shortages, and evolving client demands.

At Vertical Recruitment, we specialise in empowering candidates within the Architecture domain to unlock their full potential in the UK construction market. Here’s how we can assist you:


Personalised Career Consultation:
We specialise in tailored career consultations, understanding your skills, aspirations, and career goals to align them with fitting opportunities.

Access Exclusive Opportunities:
Benefit from our industry connections, gaining access to exclusive job openings tailored to your skill set for premium roles.

Industry Insights and Guidance:
Partnered with Place Northwest for a decade, providing comprehensive salary surveys, offering insights into Market trends, empowering informed career decisions.

Comprehensive Success Support:
Beyond placements, we offer ongoing support – interview preparation, skill enhancement, and career progression advice for your long-term success.

Dedicated Support Team:
Our recruitment professionals are dedicated to guiding and supporting you throughout your job search journey, ensuring personalised assistance at every stage.

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