Our approach is founded upon a genuine commitment to your success and our clients’ credit the following principles, which they believe make us different.

  • We get to know you and your company, beyond your current vacancies
    We like to understand your company background, culture and future aspirations in order that we can match candidates on a more holistic level and can represent and promote your company on your behalf.
  • We offer extensive industry experience
    Our consultants are career Recruitment Consultants with a genuine interest in the industries in which they specialise. They value and are knowledgeable about their industry which means they can confidently represent you and can engage candidates at all levels.
  • We display honesty and integrity
    We are transparent in our approach and will be open with you at all times. If our experience tells us that the recruitment of a role may require a different approach, we will explore that with you in order that you secure the best candidate.
  • We benefit from an established network of experienced industry professionals
    This means that we are able to quickly respond to your recruitment needs. If we do not have the right candidate in our network, we will proactively source suitable candidates using a number of proven methods.
  • We are flexible and responsive
    We tailor our service to meet your needs, whether it be immediate recruitment for interim contracts or working with you to explore broader recruitment needs. We will maintain communication with you at all times so that you are confident in the progress we have made.
  • Competitive and Compliant
    We offer competitive rates and are fully compliant with ID, qualification and reference checking with every placement.

To discuss your recruitment requirements with our industry experts, please call 0161 669 4716 or or email