The return of the most insightful salary survey in the Property and Construction sectors

The return of the most insightful salary survey for the North West Property and Construction sectors

We’re excited to introduce our latest annual salary survey in partnership with Place North West , an essential tool that offers a comprehensive analysis of the most recent salary and benefits trends in the North West property and construction sectors.

The depth and value of this survey are powered by professionals like you. By taking part, you’ll contribute to a detailed overview of what individuals across a spectrum of seniority levels, specialities, and regions are receiving in terms of salaries, benefits, and job satisfaction.

Our salary survey serves multiple purposes. For employers, it assists in making informed decisions about recruitment, compensation, and benefits, ensuring the attraction and retention of top talent. For candidates, it provides a benchmark to assess if their earnings match their worth in the modern job market.

Here’s why you should participate in our latest salary survey:

  • Stay Informed: Contribute to and gain understanding of the latest job market trends within the UK’s property and construction industries.
  • Make Smart Decisions: Use the eventual survey findings to make informed decisions about your career or hiring strategy.
  • Benchmark Salaries: Understand where you or your employees stand in the industry’s compensation and benefits spectrum.

As a token of our appreciation for your participation, you’ll receive a full copy of the survey results and analysis upon completion. This invaluable data will serve as a powerful tool for your future planning and decision-making processes.

And that’s not all – by providing your email address, you’ll also be entered into a draw for a chance to win £150 in Amazon vouchers! Rest assured, your email address will be kept confidential and will not be shared with any third parties or appear in the survey results or analysis.

Take part in the Vertical Recruitment Salary Survey 2023 today, and empower yourself and the wider industry with the knowledge to successfully navigate the property and construction job market. We appreciate your contribution to this vital industry research and look forward to your invaluable participation.

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