Brin Gleeson

Senior Consultant, Property and Fire Engineering

Brin is a Senior Consultant here at Vertical Recruitment, who has been with us for over three years. Brin takes charge of the Surveying and Architecture positions within the business and due to his success in this area Brin has additionally taken charge of the Fire engineering side of the business which has grown due to recent changes in the industry.

Brin was brought into the business with the foresight of achieving Managing consultant status. The leadership team saw Brin’s potential early and recognised his hard work and dedication to the role by laying down his career progression path. Brin is a key team member and essential to many of the successes within the company.

Why do you like working for Vertical?

“I like working for vertical as we get a lot of freedom in the role and after being with the company for three years I have built trust and I have a lot of autonomy. The Directors drive everyone to be their best, and overall it is a great place to work.”

What makes a good Recruiter?

“A good recruiter to me, is someone who is always listening and learning. Taking on new tips from people who have more experience. Listening to clients and candidates and giving them what they actually want.”